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Shimabara Castle

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Medieval Japan and Christianity

Shimabara Castle is famous for being the base of the central government during the Shimabara-Amakusa Rebellion that took place between 1637 and 1638.

The Shimabara-Amakusa Rebellion was a war in which Christians in the Shimabara and Amakusa areas rebelled against the central government.

Shimabara Castle was abandoned in 1874, but the castle tower and other structures were reconstructed in 1964.
Today, Shimabara Castle is a museum that displays information about the Shimabara Rebellion and other local events.

Shimabara Castle has a plum garden.
In February, the plum blossoms bloom in the plum garden.

Shimabara Castle has an audio guide in English.

The first floor of Shimabara Castle is an exhibition area about Christianity.

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The second floor of Shimabara Castle is a local museum.
There are many armors and swords on display.

On the third floor of Shimabara Castle is a folkloric exhibition.
Local folk materials are displayed.

The fourth floor of Shimabara Castle is an area dedicated to tourism and products.

The top floor of Shimabara Castle is an observatory.


Shimabara Castle
1183-1 Jhonai 1chome, Shimabara-shi, Nagasaki-ken
855-0036 Japan

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