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Furin is a small bell bell said to have existed in Japan as early as the 8th century.
In summer in Japan, people hang these furin under the eaves of their houses and listen to the cool sound of the wind, which helps them to pass the hot and humid temperatures in a good mood.
This scenery of Furin has become one of the most popular summer scenes in Japan.

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Furin originated in China 2000 years ago.
In China, Senfutaku, or bells, were hung from bamboo branches, and the sound they made was used to tell fortunes.
Senfutaku were introduced to Japan along with Buddhism and were hung from the four corners of temple roofs and pagodas.
It was also said that no calamity would occur within hearing distance of Senfutaku, and Senfutaku in Japan was also used to ward off evil spirits.
Later, a monk named Honen called Senfutaku "Furei," which later became Furin.

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