Scenery of Okawachiyama

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In 1675, the Nabeshima family, who ruled Okawachiyama in present-day Imari, Saga Prefecture, established a pottery factory here.
The main activity of this area was to produce high quality pottery and present it to the imperial court and Shogun.
This activity ceased in 1871, but the techniques developed here were revived by the Imaizumi family as a modern craft.

Okawachiyama holds a festival every summer with ceramic furin displayed throughout the town.
This page focuses on the 2022 Furin Festival.

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This is a view of the entrance area of Okawachiyama.

Just outside the entrance to Okawachiyama is something called "Kara-Usu".
This is a device that uses a water wheel to crush ceramic materials.
This "Kara-Usu" is a reproduction of one used by the Nabeshima family when they manufactured pottery.

From here, a small path leads to the center of Okawachiyama.


Scenery of Okawachiyama
1848 Otsu,Okawachi-cho,Imari-shi,Saga-ken
848-0025 Japan

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