Hayato History and Folklore Museum

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Visit date - 08/23/2020
Edit date - 03/20/2022

"Hayato History and Folklore Museum" is located in the precincts of Kagoshima Jingu Shrine.
"Hayato History and Folklore Museum" exhibits materials related to Kagoshima Jingu Shrine and the Hayato area.

As soon as you enter the Hayato History and Folklore Museum, you will see a replica of Hayato's shield.
Hayato is the name of a group that existed in ancient Japan from southern to western Kyushu.
From the 5th to the 7th century, the Yamato kingship of the time repeatedly engaged in wars of aggression, using the discriminatory name "Kumaso" for "Hayato".
In the war known as "Hayato's Rebellion" in 720, the Yamato kingship was victorious.
After this war, some Hayato people were forcibly taken to Kyoto.
In Kyoto, the people of Hayato performed a dance as a sign of obedience to the Yamato kingship.
Hayato's shield" was used for this dance.

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Historical table of the Hayato area from 540-1946.

Here, the Hayato area is explained as being associated with the spirit of Hachiman.

Here it is noted that the spirit of Hachiman, enshrined at Usa Jingu Shrine in Oita Prefecture, visited the Hayato area first.
It is said that political gamesmanship is involved in this.

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The photos from here are made by museum personnel and have nothing to do with the theme of the museum here.
This work was printed by a computer printer and assembled three-dimensionally.
I took this photo because the work was so good.


Hayato History and Folklore Museum
2496-1 Hayatochouuchi,Kirishima-shi,Kagoshima-ken
899-5116 Japan

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