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Usa Shrine

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Visit date - 09/29/2013
------------- 04/29/2014
------------- 12/28/2015
------------- 11/11/2018
------------- 03/16/2019
Edit date - 04/09/2020

There are about 86000 Japanese shrines,
of which about 7800 are Hachiman shrines.
It is the most shrine Lineage in Japan.

And the main shrine of Hachiman shrine in various parts of Japan is Usa shrine.
Hachiman Shrine is a shrine dedicated to Emperor Ojin.

I do not believe in Hachiman,
but I like this Usa shrine so I often visit it.
It is very comfortable.


Usa Shrine
2859 Minamiusa,Usa-shi,Ooita-ken
872-0102 Japan

Home Page :
TEL : +81-978-37-0001