Kappa pool

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About Kappa.
Kappa is a water spirit.
His physique is like that of a child.
The top of the head has what looks like a dish plate on it.
The mouth is like the beak of a bird.
The back is like a turtle's shell.
There are webbed fingers.
And Kappa is a spirit that is as famous as Oni and Tengu.

Japanese Oni Exchange Museum Kirishima Tengu Museum

This is the kappa Dorei that is on display at "Nihon Dorei-kan".

nihon dorei kan

Kappa anecdotes can be found all over Japan.
Here in Tono City, Iwate Prefecture, the kappa loved to play pranks.
The kind people here have forgiven Kappa for his mischief.
In return, Kappa became the protector of the land.
When Jhoken temple caught fire, Kappa put out the fire.
This Kappa pool is said to be the home of many of those kappa.

It says "Kappa pool".

There was Kappa's Yashiro.
Kappa is protecting Yashiro instead of Komainu and Shishi.

If you want to fish for Kappa, please ask permission.


Kappa pool
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