Omura City History Museum

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Visit date - 08/05/2020
Edit date - 12/06/2020

The museum is located in the " OMURA CITY LIBRARY ".
The museum is not suitable for sightseeing, because no English is used to describe the exhibits.

A diorama showing the appearance of Omura City in the Jomon period.

Exhibits a diorama of the baptism of Omura Sumitada, lord of Omura, in the Warring States period.
Omura Sumitada is the first Christian lord in Japan.

A diorama of the city of Omura in the Edo period.

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Omura City History Museum
481 HigashiHonmachi,Omura-shi,Nagasaki-ken
856-0831 Japan

Home Page :
TEL : +81-957-48-5050