Seasonal Events
Saito Kofun Festival
(Saitobaru Burial Mounds)

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The Saito Kofun Festival is a festival held in November in the Saitobaru area of Miyazaki Prefecture.
The origin of this festival was the Sanryo Festival 600 years ago, but the current format of the festival was developed at the end of the Showa period in Japan.

This is the main venue of the festival.
Here we pray for the success of the festival.
The flame ceremony is also held here.
Food stalls necessary for the festival will also be set up here.
The area is also beautifully decorated with cosmos flowers.

This is a scene from a ceremony praying for the success of the festival.

The festival is then declared open.

This is Tsuma Shrine, 4 km from the main festival site.
This is where participants in the torchlight procession gather.
There, everyone prays for the success of the torchlight procession.

The Kagura dance is then dedicated to Tsuma Shrine.

The torchlight procession then heads for the main festival site.

When the torchlight procession arrives at the main venue, the festival of flames will begin.

The festival ends with fireworks.


Saitobaru Burial Mounds
881-0005 Japan

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