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Owara Kaze no Bon

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Owara Kaze no Bon is an annual event held in Yatsuomachi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, from September 1 to 3.
During Owara Kaze no Bon, Japanese instruments are played along the streets of the town and silent dancers perform sophisticated dances.
Yatsuomachi consists of 11 areas.
Each area has its own team of dancers and musicians, who perform songs and dances while wearing yukata of each area.
As for the dances, the elegant and lustrous women's dance, the heroic men's dance, and the kokyu, which plays a mournful tone, attract visitors, and the town comes alive with around 250,000 people who visit Yatsuomachi every year.

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This is an overall view of Yatsuo-Machi.
Yatsuo-Machi consists of 11 areas: Fukujima, TenmanCho, ShitashinMachi, ImaMachi, HigashiMachi, NishiMachi, KagamiMachi, KamishinMachi, SuwaMachi, HigashinMachi and NishishinMachi.

If you use public transportation, the best way to get to Yatsuo-Machi is by train.
In this case, the nearest station to Yatsuo-Machi is Etchu-Yatsuo station.
Etchu-Yatsuo station is in the Fukujima area.
You can see the Fukujima area team dancing right after you get off at Etchu-Yatsuo Station.

From Etchu-Yatsuo station, walk to the center of Yatsuo-Machi.
First we will cross the Sakanomachi-Ohashi Bridge.

We will cross the Sakanomachi-Ohashi Bridge and then the Kubusu-Bashi Bridge.
Kubusu-Bashi Bridge is the entrance to the TenmanCho area.
The symbol of the TenmanCho area is Tenmangu Shrine.
You can see TenmanCho area teams dancing around Tenmangu Shrine.

We will head further from the TenmanCho area to the center of Yatsuo-Machi.
Next to the TenmanCho area is the ShitashinMachi area.
The symbol of the ShitashinMachi area is the Hachiman-sha Shrine.
You can see ShitashinMachi area teams dancing at Hachiman-sha Shrine.

Monmyo-ji Temple is located near Hachiman-sha Shrine.
Monmyo-ji Temple is located in the ImaMachi area, but Monmyo-ji Temple is also a symbol of the entire Yatsuo-Machi area.
Therefore, dancing at Monmyo-ji Temple has a special feeling.

Here are some photos of the center of Yatsuo-Machi.

Yatsuo Elementary School in Yatsuo-Machi will be the stage for dancing during Owara Kaze no Bon.
Here you can see the dances of all Yatsuo-Machi area teams.
To enjoy the stage here, you must buy a ticket.

Thus ends the three-day Owara Kaze no Bon.


Owara Kaze no Bon
(Suwamachi Street)
2605 Yatsuomachi Swamachi,Toyama-shi,Toyama-ken
939-2343 Japan

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