Knowledge about Japan

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In ancient times, Japan sometimes used Omikuji to decide on important matters such as national politics and the selection of a successor.
The purpose of this is to hear the will of the spirits.
This event is said to be the origin of today's Omikuji.

When we do Omikuji, think about "when", "where" and "what" we want the spirits to advise us about me.
For example, "About the period of time I am in Japan".

The ranks of Omikuji are as follows.
daikichi > chukichi > shokichi > kichi > suekichi > kyo > daikyo

If you get a low ranked Omikuji, you won't be disappointed.
Because the spirits will tell you that your situation is bad, and they will tell you what to watch out for and what you can avoid from bad things.

After that advised period, go tie Omikuji to the shrine.
You don't need to tie Omikuji at the shrine where you got Omikuji.

Refrain from tying Omikuji to plants.