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Cinju no Mori
(The sacred grove of the village shrine) :
Shimenawa :
Torii :

"Chinju no Mori" is a remnant of the fact that Japan was originally a nature and spirit worshiping nation.
The area around "Yashiro" is a sanctuary. The boundary of the sanctuary is guarded by "Chinju no Mori" and "Shimenawa".
The entrance and exit of the sanctuary is the "Torii".

Yuisho kaki (History) :

It describes how this shrine was built and what spirit is enshrined in it.

(a holy washing trough) :

A place in a shrine or temple where worshippers wash their hands and mouths to purify them.

Yashiro(Omiya) :

"Yashiro" is a building in which spirits are enshrined.
It is also sometimes referred to as "Omiya. It is said to be derived from the female womb.

(The approch to the shrine) :

It's the road you take to visit a shrine or temple.
In Japanese, "Sando" can be interpreted as "birth canal".
In other words, there is an idea that after worshipping at "Omiya", the womb, you are reborn when you come out through "Sando".

Shishi・Komainu :

"Shishi" and "Komainu" are placed in a pair to protect "Yashiro".

"Shishi" sits on the right side, mouth open.

"Komainu" sits on his left side with his mouth closed. He has horns on his head.

Toro (Lantern) :

Shrine lighting.

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