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In Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture, there is the Shishibu Tabuchi ruins.
It is said that this is a facility called Miyake from the Yamato Kingdom era.

Koga City Museum of History explains about Shishibu Tabuchi ruins.

Shishibu Tabuchi ruins are the remains of a large group of buildings that were used from the mid-6th to early 7th century.
This group of buildings is not the remains of a residence, but a structure similar to a government office from the Nara period (8th century).
From this, it is speculated that this is the Miyake that was confiscated from the defeated Iwai by the victorious Yamato Kingship in the "Chikushi no Iwai Rebellion" that took place in 527.
Shishibu Tabuchi ruins was preserved in 2010 and is now used as Miake Historical Park.

Here is a page that introduces "Chikushi no Iwai Rebellion".

Western Shosoin Warehouse


[ About Miyake ]

Miyake is a facility like " Imaginary model of restored Shishibu Tabuchi ruins " above.
The basic structure of Miyake includes government offices, warehouses for storing rice and grains, multipurpose buildings, and paddy fields.
Miyake was under the direct control of the Yamato kingship, a system that lasted until the "Taika no Kaishin" national political reform of 645.
There was also Miyake, where the soldiers were stationed.

reference drawing : Layout drawing of Miyake in Northern Kyushu