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Natadera Temple

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Visit date - 01/24/2016
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Natadera Temple belongs to Koyasan-Shingonshu and is a well-known temple around Ishikawa Prefecture.
Natadera Temple was founded in 717 by a monk named Taicho.
Taicho developed Hakusan, a mountain that people have believed in since ancient times, as a training ground for monks.
This has allowed the belief in Hakusan to spread further than ever before.
Natadera Temple is another temple associated with the Hakusan faith.

Here is a view of Natadera Temple on a snowy day.

Ropes are placed on each tree to prevent the trees from weakening due to snow accumulation.

There is a shrine on the grounds of this temple.
This is a remnant of Japanese medieval culture.


Natadera Temple
122 Nata-machi,Komatsu-shi,Ishikawa-ken
923-0336 Japan

Home Page :
TEL : +81-761-65-2111

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