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Hikiyama Festival

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In Yatsuo-Machi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, a festival called "Hikiyama Festival" is held every year on May 3.

This is "Hikiyama".

The Hikiyama Festival dates back to the Hachiman Celebration of 1741.
At this time, residents of the KamishinMachi area built Hikiyama and marched it through the town.
Residents of the HigashiMachi, NishiMachi, ImaMachi, SuwaMachi, and ShitashinMachi areas then created Hikiyama belonging to their respective areas.
These six areas have decorated their respective Hikiyama even more lavishly, as if they were competing with each other for the fortune.

The following photos are from the "Hikiyama Festival".
This photo was taken on May 3, 2017.

" Etchuyatsuo Tourism Hall " is the facility that introduced the " Hikiyama Festival ".



In addition to "Hikiyama", "Owara Odori" can also be viewed at "Etchuyatsuo Tourism Hall".
Owara Odori" is a dance performed during the "Owara kaze no Bon" festival held annually from September 1 to September 3.

From here, I would like to introduce Yatsuo-Machi, where the "Etchuyatsuo Tourism Hall" is located.

During the Edo period (1603-1868), Yatsuo-Machi was a community that traded in silkworm seeds, raw silk, Japanese paper, and charcoal.
Yatsuo-Machi was a wealthy area as it accounted for an important source of revenue for the Toyama clan to which this area belonged.

This is an overall view of Yatsuo-Machi.
Yatsuo-Machi consists of 11 areas: Fukujima, TenmanCho, ShitashinMachi, ImaMachi, HigashiMachi, NishiMachi, KagamiMachi, KamishinMachi, SuwaMachi, HigashinMachi and NishishinMachi.

JR Etchu Yatsuo Station is the gateway to Yatsuo-Machi.

JR Etchu Yatsuo Station is the gateway to Yatsuo-Machi.
Many visitors to Yatsuo-Machi by car park their cars here, as there is a large parking lot.

Tenmangu Shrine is located in Tenmacho.

Hachiman Shrine is located in ShitashinMachi.

Monmyoji Temple is located in ImaMachi.

HigashiMachi has a free rest area called Furatto Hall.

Owara Museum is located in HigashiMachi.
Owara Museum introduces the "Owara Kaze no Bon" festival held in Yatsuo-Machi.

Suwa Shrine is located in SuwaMachi.
Suwa Shrine is reached via the famous cobblestone pathway called SuwaMachi Main Street.

Walking up the stairs near Suwa Shrine in SuwaMachi, you will find Jogayama Park.

A short walk from Jogayama Park is Akiba Shrine.

Wakamiya Shrine is located in HigashishinMachi.
Suwa Shrine is reached via the famous cobblestone pathway called SuwaMachi Main Street.
Yatsuo-Machi has long been a center for the production and shipment of silkworms, which was the main industry of the area until modern times.
For this reason, sericulture is deeply involved in the daily life of Yatsuo-Machi, and the Sanyogu Shrine is a symbol of this.

" Keijusha Museum of Japanese Paper " is located in KagamiMachi.
This is a museum that allows visitors to reconsider the fascination of Japanese paper, which is in decline.


Etchuyatsuo Tourism Hall
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