Usaburo Kokeshi

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"Usaburo Kokeshi" is a creative Kokeshi.
Here we produce and sell "Usaburo Kokeshi",
but there is an exhibition room for the works,
so you can enjoy it just like a museum.

There are many theories about the origin of the Kokeshi doll.
It has not been decided which theory is correct.
However, there are two major theories.

The first theory is that Kokeshi dolls were made as children's toys.
It could be an evolution of a toddler's pacifier, or it could be an evolution from a wooden doll.
The name "Gunma Kokeshi", to which "Usaburo Kokeshi " belongs, agrees with this theory.

Another theory is that "Kokeshi was used for faith".
They are the Oshira and Ainu beliefs in the Tohoku region, as well as the Amagatsu and Hitogata beliefs that protect children.


Usaburo Kokeshi
1591 Nagaoka,Shintou-mura,Gunma-ken
370-3501 Japan

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